Soyam Dean/MandyCan

Soyam Dean is a singer, songwriter and producer from Bangalore, India. He was a founding member of the rock outfit "Little Coffee In Your Sugar", produces electronic music under the moniker of "MandyCan" and releases autonomous experimental music under his birth name. 

His work is a result of collaboration with different artists, resulting in a diverse sonic repertoire that blurs the lines between conventional styles of contemporary music.

Press / Reviews

"Quite hard to place in terms of a genre, but none-the-less gorgeous, is this new EP by Wellington artists Soyam Dean and Niu Niu Dou."

- NZ Musician Magazine 

"The song (You Go First) itself sits within the spectrum that most modern music is on today; between the reminiscent sound of the past and the progressive aesthetic of the future."

- Savaal Magazine 

"With the city nourishing the indie music circuit, the latest addition to the music scene is the power-packed, energetic ‘Little Coffee In Your Sugar’. Although just five months old, their music and stage presence define their sound." 

- Deccan Herald


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