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Soyam Dean is a singer, songwriter, producer, screen composer, sound recordist and performer from India. He has a Bachelor's degree in Music Technology and Sonic Arts, as well as a Masters Degree in Fine Arts with a Creative Practise in Music and Audio Post-Production from Victoria University of Wellington.

His musical style is an expression of eclecticism; culminating in a fusion of genres such as rock, soul, funk and electronica. Previous involvements include being in the original lineup of bands 'Little Coffee In Your Sugar' and 'Pearls For Swine'. HIs electronic music is released under the moniker ‘MandyCan’. 

His work is a result of collaboration with different artists, resulting in a diverse sonic repertoire that blurs the lines between conventional styles of contemporary music


Film Work



'Man Up!'

Password: Manup2019


Password: Jackpot2020

'After It Happened'

Password: MDT2021

The Community Room 




Soyam Dean & NIu Niu Dou - Lamp is Low

Soyam Dean & Niu Niu Dou - All You've Left Behind 

Little Coffee In Your Sugar - Reel

MandyCan - You Go First